Testing Services

Testing services represent an important means to ensure the quality and safety of components, equipment, and systems and to perform the related benchmarking. 

Insta's testing is performed in our modern premises designed for avionics equipment maintenance in Tampere, Finland. The ESD-, humidity-, temperature- and purity-controlled conditions enable consistent quality. Certain kinds of testing can also be conducted in the customer's premises or in the field.

Our quality is monitored by our independent quality unit. Our quality management system is AQAP-2110 and ISO 9001 compliant and certified.

Salo Tommi Project Manager, Testing Services +358 20 771 7180

Vibration testing

  • We have a vibration testing apparatus that can be used to test objects weighing up to approx. 10 kg. The vibration power of the apparatus is 4 kN and the objects we test typically range from a few kilograms to ten kilograms.
  • The mechanical testing methods we use are sine, random, shock, buffeting and SoR (Sine on Random).
  • The frequency range in use is from 2 Hz to 2 kHz.

Shock testing 

  • The maximum acceleration of shocks is approximately 40 G, depending on the duration and form (half-sine, sawtooth) of the shock.
  • For shock forms, we use several standards, including:
    • MIL-STD-810
    • IEC 60068-2-27
    • MIL-STD202F

Temperature/humidity testing

  • We use climatic chambers as well as a cold/hot air blower. The volumes of the climatic chambers range from 150 to 1,500 liters.
  • The climatic chambers have a temperature range from -70 °C to +180 °C and a humidity range from 10 to 98 % RH. The rate of change in the climatic chambers is 5 k/min.

Pressure testing

  • Several pressure simulators can be utilized in testing. They allow us to simulate pressure changes under various altitude conditions to match the normal use of the device.
  • We have test chambers whose volumes range from 10 to 400 liters.
  • The low-pressure chambers can also be placed inside an climatic chamber, allowing for combined testing of pressure and temperature.

Acceleration testing

  • Acceleration testing can be performed up to the level of 13 G. We can test objects weighing up to 20 kg.
  • Wireless video filming is possible during testing, whereupon the camera turns along with the object tested.
  • Testing can also be implemented as functional testing:
    • Lead-through of signals by sliding brushes
    • Wireless transfer of the video image


Testing with 3-axis tables

  • Calibration of the axes of rotation and acceleration directions of sensors and meters
  • Application-specific operational programs






  • We can generate traceable values for measurements using the international measurement standard as the reference.
  • We calibrate devices such as multimeters, oscilloscopes and frequency generators.




Testing of special equipment at the workshop

  • We repair all kinds of electronic and precision mechanical equipment – even those that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. 


ESD measurements

  • We perform ISO61340 standard compliant ESD measurements on floors, chairs and smocks whose ESD conductivity deteriorates with time and as they become dirty.
  • Annual measurements ensure that their ESD properties remain appropriate.

Particle measurements for industry

  • We carry out ISO14644 standard-compliant particle measurements on indoor and compressed air.
  • If air purity impacts the end result of work, it is advisable to do the measurements annually at minimum.
  • Based on the measurement results, the working facilities can be amended or work clothing or cleaning practices changed in order to achieve the quality requirements.