Research and Product Development

The key to innovative solutions is research and product development.

The target of Insta ILS's research and product development work is to refine aviation technology concepts, systems and equipment to increasingly satisfy customer requirements. Totally new products, modification planning, and supplementary or further product development are used to create solutions to operational challenges.

A clear vision and effective requirement management are cornerstones of a successful product development project. One of our strengths is the ability to perform a wide variety of research activities. All we need to get started is an idea. We start working on the customer's idea or a problematic situation the customer is facing. By understanding the problem, we can define specific requirements that can be fulfilled during the product development project.

In addition to product development, we create the related documentation and plan product maintenance. In development and part selections, we carefully consider the life cycle and maintainability of the product.

Active participation in research projects and cooperation with research institutes, universities and research funders are a key aspect of our operations.

Insta ILS has expertise in all of the following areas of product development:

  • Definitions and specifications
  • Concepts
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Embedded systems
  • Mechanics
  • Technical documentation
  • Testing
  • Prototypes and small series manufacturing
  • Special systems
  • Product research
  • Modification planning and modernization of systems

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Salonen Pekka Unit Manager, Research and Product Development +358 50 562 6356

Definitions and specifications

  • Product specifications in accordance with the customer's requirements
  • Description of target state
  • Extracting requirements out of the idea or problem
  • Ensuring that the specifications conform with applicable requirements in the aviation sector


  • Quick testing of the feasibility of an idea
  • Turning an idea into a concrete model
  • Possible modeling methods include 3D scanning/modeling/printing
  • Prototyping of software from the interface to key algorithms
  • An image or physical model helps in answering product development questions such as: What is the most reasonable technology to use? What might the product look like when it is ready? How would the user actually use it?


  • Electronics design from requirements to circuit design, circuit diagram, circuit board and first product copy
  • Expertise in electronics simulation
  • Familiarity with the manufacturing method of circuit boards
  • EMC planning


  • Software specifications
  • Software architecture
  • Extensive expertise in various programming languages
  • Software testing

Embedded systems

  • Micro-controller systems
  • PC-based embedded systems
  • Equipment for demanding environments
  • FPGA and SoC solutions


  • Mechanical design using 3D software
  • Industrial design and usability planning
  • Planning for demanding environmental conditions


  • Product testing from prototype to final product
  • Electrical, software-based and mechanical testing
  • MIL-STD-810-compliant environmental testing.

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Prototype and small series manufacturing

  • Preparation of product concepts and testing all the way from ideas to prototypes or first product copies
  • A functional prototype helps to ensure the operability of the product and its suitability for its intended use
  • The first product copy is a device that fulfills the design requirements and is ready for serial production
  • Small series manufacturing for entire products
  • Mechanical, electronics and software manufacturing in-house and via subcontractor network


Modification planning and modernization of systems

  • Solutions to availability problems
  • Performance improvements
  • Modernizations

Special systems

  • Military and civil aviation systems
  • Field testing equipment
  • Comprehensive testing systems
  • Automatic test stations

Product research

  • Supplementation of deficient documentation
  • Building testing skills

3D scanning

  • Creating a precise surface model from existing objects
  • Making hardware compatible with each other and precise fitting

Insta ILS – customers

The Finnish Defence Forces
Public authorities
Civil authorities
Civil aviation
High-tech sectors

Our service readiness also includes:

Road transport
Hospital and laboratory equipment and systems
Special vehicles
Automation industry
Rail transport
Radar/radio equipment and systems