High-Tech Life Cycle Services

Systematic life cycle services for complex system entities help to ensure the operational reliability and safety of systems and equipment as well as proactively identify critical areas. 

Insta serves its customers in the life cycle planning and life cycle service provision of high-tech systems, sub-systems and equipment. Systematic planning can bring significant savings in investment and sustainment expenditure and improve the management of processes and functionalities as well as and overall operational predictability.

We provide our customers with life cycle services that leverage advanced technological know-how and certified quality. Insta is a high-quality partner that ensures the continuity of its customers' operations.

Services included in our life cycle services:

  • System logistics, maintenance planning (Integrated Logistic Support, e.g., Def-Stan 00-60)
  • Maintainability analyses (LSA, MTA)
  • Reliability analyses (e.g., MIL-HDBK-217)
  • Life cycle expenditure calculation and optimization (Life Cycle Cost)
  • Security (System Safety MIL-STD-882)
  • Preparation of user and maintenance instructions
  • Planning and implementation of training
  • Spare part functions (the storage, sales, and procurement recommendations of spare parts and the specification of replacement materials and spare parts)
  • Management of the availability of spare parts (Obsolescence Management)
  • Engineering and management of extensive technical systems (Systems Engineering)
  • Technical support services (Help desk services, on-site support)
  • Equipment modifications and replacement parts

Pohjanpää Hannu Unit Manager, Life Cycle Management +358 20 7717163

Life cycle planning

Life cycle planning helps customers to ensure the capability of their equipment and systems during their entire life cycles. Aspects considered in life cycle planning include the predictability of operations, the management of quality and the life cycle, the ability to control investments and life cycle costs, availability, safety, and environmental values.





Spare parts availability planning helps with the continuous operation of equipment and systems. Obsolescence represents a critical element in high-tech life cycle planning. The service includes availability planning and monitoring for spare parts as well as the planning of proactive measures (acquisition planning for spare or replacement parts).

Insta Obsolescence Management Tool

The Insta Obsolescence Management Tool has been developed at Insta in order to manage the availability of spare parts. The system automatically monitors the availability of spare parts, offers a comprehensive database of components with history data, and generates product-specific reports and operational recommendations.





Maintenance planning

Systematic planning and development of the sustainment of equipment and systems ensures the consistent quality and effectiveness of operations during the entire life cycle. The goal is to balance life cycle and sustainment costs as well as to guarantee the reliability of operations and ensure high quality. Maintenance planning ensures the implementation of a life cycle plan for the equipment or system.




Equipment modifications and replacement parts

Equipment improvements and repurposing are part of Insta's life cycle services. We also take care of the systematic procurement of replacement devices, components or spare parts. Our customers can rest assured that their equipment and systems are functional and suitable for the tasks they are intended to perform. 




Insta ILS – customers

The Finnish Defence Forces
Public authorities
Civil authorities
Civil aviation
High-tech sectors

Our service readiness also includes:

Road transport
Hospital and laboratory equipment and systems
Special vehicles
Automation industry
Rail transport
Radar/radio equipment and systems