Consulting and Expert Services

The resourcing of special expertise in aviation is easier and more effective when you utilize the know-how of a high-quality partner.

Aviation-related specialist expertise training, consulting, and know-how outsourcing services offer customers the opportunity to benefit from Insta's experience as well as its understanding of technology and certified quality in the development of its own operations or in functions such as inspections, planning, and accident investigations.

Expert services for the aviation sector

Insta's certified specialists take care of the procedures, inspections, testing and other tasks requiring special permits in the aviation sector. By outsourcing special expertise to a reliable partner, our customers ensure the high quality of the procedures and efficient use of resources in the service they receive.




Special expertise in aviation and defense

Insta's customers can utilize our planning and manufacturing know-how related to aviation and defense certifications. Our decades of experience in the operational environments of the equipment concerned and in the requirements and environmental considerations related to them support our customers' operations.

Insta's certifications include:

  • EASA Part-145
  • SVY SIM-To-Lt-001
  • SVY SIM-Tv-Lt-003

Training services

Insta supports its customers' operations by offering versatile training and consulting services in aviation and related technologies. Services are tailored in accordance with the customer's particular requirements.





Inspection services for the aviation sector

Insta's certified professionals perform various inspections, such as airworthiness inspections, for the aviation sector.




Test flight planning

Insta offers its customers support and expertise for test flight planning.





Accidents: special investigations

We support accident investigations by performing special inspections on equipment and systems. These special inspections help government investigative authorities in clarifying the causes of accidents.



Insta ILS customers

The Finnish Defence Forces
Public authorities
Civil authorities
Civil aviation
High-tech sectors

Our service readiness also includes:

Road transport
Rail transport
Special vehicles
Automation industry
Hospital and laboratory equipment and systems
Radar/radio equipment and systems