Component MRO

Insta is Finland's leading, brand-independent component maintenance supplier. Our quality-certified MRO maintenance services ensure operational capability, safety, and the very best technological solutions.

In accordance with the civil aviation EASA Part-145 regulations, Insta's component maintenance readiness covers the devices specified in our license (FI.145.0007) as well as sustainment capability for corresponding military aeronautical equipment. Our maintenance operations also include sustainment services for equipment and systems related to weapons and special electronics. Our calibration services fulfill the ISO 10012 requirements.

The certifications of Insta ILS cover the requirements on military aviation maintenance operations as specified in the Finnish Military Aviation Directive SIM-To-Lt-001, as well as the requirements on military aviation intelligence, supervision, and management system maintenance operations as specified in the Finnish Military Aviation Directive SIM-To-Lv-003.

Coverage of component MRO services

  • Radio and navigation equipment (COM, VHF, ADF, ILS, DME)
  • Gyroscopic devices (ARI, INS, DG)
  • Electromechanical display equipment (ADI, HSI, RMI, TGT)
  • Sensors for electromechanical systems
  • Air value meters and sensors (ALT, ASI, VSI)
  • Altimeter testing (AIR M11-7)
  • Precision mechanical devices (Clock/G meter)
  • Oxygen system equipment
  • System and bus computers
  • Digital display units
  • Optronics and night vision equipment (NVIS)
  • NVG testing
  • Field testing equipment (NAV, ATC)
  • Weapon systems: electronics and mechanics
  • Special electronics in communication systems
  • Electronics in automation systems

MRO support services:

  • Preparation and sustainment of maintenance readiness
  • Calibration of measurement equipment
  • Management of documentation related to technical sustainment
  • Sustainment of testing equipment software
  • Procurement of spare parts and materials
  • Modernization and modification planning of equipment and systems
  • Small manufacture linked with maintenance and operational environments

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Saarinen Markku Team Leader, Electromechanics +358 20 771 7526
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We are Finland's leading supplier of sustainment services for aeronautical equipment and special electronics. We maintain equipment and provide system sustainment services not only for various military divisions of the Finnish Defence Forces but also for public authorities and civil organizations.


Decades of experience both in aeronautical equipment maintenance services and with our extensive clientele have established the foundation for strong expertise in our operations. This know-how is a solid basis for maintenance and sustainment operations with our current and future customers.


The work is performed in our ultra-modern premises designed for the maintenance of avionics equipment and first deployed in 2010. The ESD-, humidity-, temperature-, and purity-controlled conditions in the facilities enable excellent, consistent quality.



Our personnel have a solid education, professional skills, experience and know-how that are maintained and updated through training.



Insta ILS customers

The Finnish Defence Forces
Public authorities
Civil authorities
Civil aviation
High-tech sectors

Our service readiness also includes:

Road transport
Rail transport
Special vehicles
Hospital and laboratory equipment and systems
Radar/radio equipment and systems
Automation industry