Own products

The best products are born from challenges and the customer's need to find a solution to a problem.

Insta carries out continuous research and product development work. It results in products that meet the needs of our customers and are manufactured with certified quality, utilizing the best components and advanced technology.

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Pilot's Breath Air Monitor

  • A respiratory air measurement and hypoxia warning system
  • Identifies dangerous conditions and gives the pilot a warning signal
  • Stores respiratory air parameters
  • Integrates with the pilot's gear
  • Patented




  • The first HD standard F/A-18 Hornet HUD video camera
  • Digital camera technology improves the HUD video quality and expands the application possibilities of the video
  • This camera technology can also be applied to other types of aircraft and use cases
  • Used in the Hornet fighter planes deployed by the Finnish Air Force




  • Test unit for MIDS radio system power source
  • Performs differential diagnosis between radio system components (radio, power source, cabling, power feed)
  • Designed for field work and demanding conditions

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